Jones & Company Carnival History

Hello, my name is Alexa and I want to tell you about our company.

I am the 3rd generation of women to take charge of Jones & Company Carnival.

1986:  In the beginning Grandpa was wandering around the Idaho Desert and someone told him to "head East young man, head East", and so he headed East.

He and Grandma (who says he married younger) came to rest in good old Missouri;  land of the Show Me State.

They both were sure their degrees in Police Science and Interior Design would help them in the Carnival business.  Grandpa found great laughter in their lack of knowledge about the carnival industry.

Grandpa and Grandma started with a Merry-Go-Round and a Moonwalk and have added new things every year since.  Several festivals they have been playing since they have been in business.

Grandpa and Grandma spend time in the off season going to conventions.  Grandma says the reason they go to so many conventions is because Grandpa needs places to tell stories and drink rheumatiz medicine.

My mom Nicole is 2nd generation to take over our family business.  Grandpa says she still is "a little shaky", whatever that means.  Grandpa says Mom studied at Idaho State University, but he still is wondering how pottery making and shopping center shopping was going to prepare her to take over the family business.

Enough about the foundation of Jones & Company Carnival.

Make no mistake, we are very serious about our company.  We travel about 6,000 miles per year in the states of Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa.  We have about 20 employees who Grandpa says about half work.  Some have helped Grandpa for the past 25 years.

In 1995 we adopted the company motto "Pride Through Excellence".  It is our goal to shoot for excellence in our company.  Our references speak for themselves.

Well, now that I am 15 and Grandpa, well, you know shall we say is of retirement age, I have come to understand that some of Grandpa's stories were a little embellished.  That being said Grandpa would not be able to run our Carnival without the help of the younger generation (our Boy Wonder from Minnesota) and I guess we need to include Grandma (as you know, Grandpa married younger).

Our intent is to provide our patrons with a pleasurable experience.

Alexa Jones

Three generations of the Jones family.  (left-right) Darcy; daughter Nicole; granddaughter Alexa; and Carl.


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