How do we book Jones & Company Carnival for our event?

It will cost you nothing, in fact, you stand to gain financially by having rides, games, and concessions at your event.  We pay a percentage of all rides, games, and concessions.  Percentages will be discussed if you chose Jones & Company as your amusement ride provider. 

We carry $1 million dollar liability insurance with a $10 million dollar aggregate, and comply with all state safety regulations.  We believe it is a partnership where the Carnival and the Festival work together in an effort to have a successful, smooth running event.

What does sponsoring identity have to do on their end?

The important thing we need for you to do is advertise the event.  We will provide you with posters, advanced armband coupons, we well as help you with sponsorships.

We also need you to provide suitable space to set up the carnival.  We need a water source and 24 hour 200 amp electrical service for our living quarters and food concessions.  Dumpsters and portable toilets should be ready upon our arrival.  Our arrival date will be the Sunday before your event. Someone needs to greet us on arrival to make sure there are no last minute changes.  Should you chose Jones & Company Carnival for your event we will provide you with references.

Armband and Ticket Prices

Armbands are $20 for a 4 hour session.  Tickets are $1.00 each, or 30 for $20 with rides taking 3-4 tickets.



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